Secret Techniques To Improve Custom Boxes

The importance and role of custom boxes in the success of your company are almost equal to the quality of the product you are providing. The first impression of your product on your clients is very significant. According to marketing research, up to 55% of people viewing your product for the first time on the racks of stores, decide to buy them on the base of their packaging’s attractiveness. Brand-new businesses always required alluring, informative, and uniquely customized packages to increase their brand’s familiarity. These boxes are the best option to make your company popular in the market. At Fast Custom Boxes, you can get all kinds of packages to organize, showcase, and effectively advertise your products. 

1) Nice Unboxing Experience Custom Boxes

The first thing clients do is the unboxing of your custom packages to use that product. You can also cast a strong positive impact on your brand, by providing your customers with a unique and lovely unboxing experience. Big companies like Apple give great importance to this feature of unboxing. There are a number of different ways to customize your packaging boxes with the addition of unique unboxing experiences. Multistep unboxing is in trend these days.

Your product packages will look more striking and present your products more professionally. So, after buying these items these boxes send a positive message to your patrons in the form of a pleasant way of unboxing. The most popular custom packages with remarkable opening experiences are: 

  • Full Overlap Boxes
  • Locking Cover Boxes
  • Five Panel Folder Boxes
  • Slide Type Boxes
  • Wrap Around Blank Boxes
  • Tuck Front Mailer Boxes

2) Eco-Friendly Packages

These wholesale custom boxes are the best choice for improving your packaging’s sustainability. Nowadays, there is an alarming situation in our world, due to increasing environmental pollution. In such circumstances, you can make your packages eco-friendly and more likeable by a big number of customers. The addition of the eco-friendly icon on your boxes presents your brand with a positive image. 

This is our main responsibility as an organization to save our globe from all kinds of harmful chemical waste. With these recyclable materials, you can also play your part in eradicating environmental contamination. Eco-Friendly Kraft packages are the best option to make reusable and environment-friendly boxes. Moreover, with this manufacturing material, you can get your boxes perfectly customised in all your required shapes and sizes. 

3) Custom Boxes Perfect Fitting

A perfect fitting has a number of benefits hidden inside. In general, it is a very common thing but this option sends a good message by your brand to your clients. The message is that you care so much caring about the safety of the product, you are delivering to your client’s doorstep. 

If you use old ready-made boxes with loose fitting there is a big chance of the product sticking to the walls of the box. It will cause the breakage of the product especially glass bottles of perfumes, medicines, oils, etc. Similarly such kind of loose boxes affects the safety of your other items while their transportation.

  • So we suggest you design custom boxes according to your product’s size.
  • In this way, you can improve the sustainability of your items.  
  • Items could be delivered with the best transportation experience in these perfectly fitting boxes.

4) Surprise Notes Printed Inside

With the addition of just 2-5% of your total manufacturing cost, you could also decorate your packages internally. It is also a very unique idea mostly used by a lot of big brands. You can print notes like “Welcome” or “Thanks For Your Purchase” etc. on the inner surface. So after impressing the outer look of your elegantly personalized boxes, your clients will get another surprise message after opening them. This will also improve your company’s image and your customers would definitely select your product next time. 

5) HD Color Combinations

You can rise the charm and beauty of your custom boxes to their extreme levels with advanced printing technologies like 

  • Digital Printing
  • Offset Printing 
  • Flexography

Moreover, you can print elegant designs, pictures, icons, and details of your products with top-quality CMYK colour patterns. You can also select colour combinations from PMS models. Use different colour combinations like Silver with Gold to customize your product’s packages. Both these colour models are best at providing high-definition printing and top-notch shades. 

Likewise, graphic designers also provide you with a wide range of right contrast colours. Spot colours with different selections print your wholesale packaging boxes unique in looks. You can also select your product’s bottle colour inside as the main colour of your box to make its packing more professional.  

6) Custom Boxes Print Your Logo Prominently 

Your product would easily be recognizable by printing your brand’s logo prominently on them. There are three popular techniques to make your logo noticeable.

  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Foil Printing

When your clients are happy with your services, they always want to use your product again. After printing your logo your brand will be saved in their mind. You can make your logo more attractive with the coatings of Matt and Gloss. In this way, you can cheaply advertise your brand and becomes famous in the market. 

7) Enduring Materials

All types of boxes will be beneficial and helpful in your success if they are durable in nature. Long-lasting boxes made up of top-quality materials can keep your items safe for a long time on the racks of your products. Those custom boxes are made with cheap and low-quality materials causing the breakage of your boxes. It will cast the worst effect on your clients and they would never select your product. For reliable boxes, Custom Boxes provides you with the best quality materials like

  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated Material
  • Eco-Friendly Kraft

These three materials are cheap, but best for boosting the life of your highly decorated and personalized packages.   


Custom boxes are an innovative way to make your brand more familiar in this world with a big race of success. With such great importance, it is necessary to keep your packaging strategies on step in advance of your competitors. With the addition of these above unique features in your box’s design, you can make them more endearing to your customers. In this way, your business will become more recognizable, more popular, and more profitable.