Zong Packages

Recently Pakistan was placed ranked on 116th spot from Speedtest by Ookla for the mobile internet speed and quality. That means they have pretty good telecommunication companies working hard in Asia. Zong 4G is a china based company with deep roots in Pakistan telecommunication as they have been operating for a while now. Claims to have the best speeds and connection as recently they tried out a 5G test that turned heads.

Companies in Pakistan have made economical packages to target a specific audience as per needs and I am going to tell you about it. First and foremost are Zong Internet packages which go from daily to weekly and monthly subscriptions for “the best 4G internet in Pakistan”, and if you’re not the one who is using internet on the daily basis but can’t seem to switch off WhatsApp. Zong WhatsApp packages will keep running on daily, weekly or monthly basis as per your needs.

If you’re there for a short period and have tons of calls to make whether it’s business or pleasure (wink, wink) you can opt from any of the Zong Call Packages and these can be coupled with Zong SMS Packages but now-a-days WhatsApp has replaced these to a huge extend.

In case you’re wondering that these are a lot of choices to go from, you can subscribe to bundles in which all of these are included and are called Zong All in One Bundles that makes most sense. I’d suggest to go through all of these on TechRupt as they have latest and most accurate information.